Entering Japan and China quickly is an imperative for any medical company with established success in the US, but care must be taken to avoid pitfalls in partner selection.

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Language and Business Practice Differences

The most effective distribution partners for your business may not be ones with English-speaking employees or familiarity with US business practices.  Proper vetting of potential distributors should be done by someone who understands the full range of possible partners, taking into consideration strategic fit, reputation in the marketplace and existing customer relationships.  In addition, clear and efficient ongoing communication with local partners is best supported by someone with bi-lingual capabilities.

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Distribution Complexity

In Japan, medical products have historically been sold through 2-3 levels of distribution, but consolidation is beginning to change this environment. In China, medical product distribution is still evolving and many distributors do not offer effective reach throughout the country. Understanding the strengths/weaknesses of each potential partner and how each potential partner fits into its evolving distribution system are critical considerations in making the best long-term partner choices.

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Regulatory and Reimbursement Challenges

Achieving your desired financial rewards is difficult if your products are late to market or come without appropriate reimbursement. Identifying partners with strength in these areas can be challenging and it would be naïve to rely entirely upon the testimony of the potential distributor. Asia MedPartners has the capability to qualify potential partners and ensure that your products find the quickest pathway to market and profitability.